About us

ARMAC Vets Ltd has always been small, local, independently owned and managed mixed veterinary practice.

Legend has it that the practice was originally established by a Mr McQuatt in around 1905 and run from ’Nithsdale’, a premises at 25 Station Road in Biggar.

He was succeeded by Wallace W. Peggie in the 1920’s, who was then joined by Duncan Robertson in the 1930’s and Robin McCrone in the 1950’s. Nithsdale continued to be the home of the vets, with the business being run from a room at the back door until 1971, at which point the practice was moved to a cramped garage adjacent to the building.

John Armstrong and Donald MacDougal joined ARMAC in the early 1970’s and the practice moved to 4 Station Road in Biggar in 1974. Graeme Rodger joined the practice in the mid 1980’s, and managed the relatively newly established branch at 1 Montgomery Place in Peebles until his retirement in late 2022.

We continue to be independently owned and managed, now by David, Kirstyn and Chris.